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I'm incredibly fascinated by biology, neuroscience, philosophy and global studies. I not only want to understand what gives life meaning but how our brains can create the perception of meaning in the first place. I'm currently researching the neurological causes of depression and how we can treat it with emerging science such as psychedelic therapy.

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  • Learning about the connection between neurological and emotional sides of depression.
  • Exploring the future of technology and science.


🧬 Understanding & Creating Emerging Science / Technology

Using AI to detect skin cancer, extending the human health span and creating a carbon neutral future for protein production. The endless possibilities of science and technology make me want to create an exciting future. I've had a data science internship at Apollo Neuro, been a researcher at Climate Crew and worked on product development at Spira.

🌎 Tackling World Problems

My goal in life is to improve the global quality of life. I worked on solving water contamination crisis, providing women and girls access to menstrual products and improving access to vaccines.

💼 Consulting Projects

Done various consulting projects through The Knowledge Society. We partnered with WealthSimple to connect 1M low-income families to RESPs, collaborated with Kidogo to scale early childhood development centres in Kenya and worked with XPRIZE to overcome the marketing language barrier and reach ~8,000 applications.

🍎 Training The Next Generation Of Change Makers @ TKS Foundations

As a 16 y/o associate director at The Knowledge Society I gave young kids the exposure to mindsets, skills, frameworks and technologies they need to solve the world's biggest problems. I helped plan / facilitate sessions, personally mentored 100+ students, provided program feedback, assisted with program structure and operations.

📝 Content Production

Published blogs and newsletters on technology, global studies and philosophy. I like share the knowledge I gain with the world. Read my personal blog here.

My Values

Curiosity + Exploration

Having a passion for understanding the world and the people within in. A desire to learn and seeking adventure.


Being goal oriented. Never settling and fighting for what you think is right.

Healthy Environments

Surrounding yourself with optimistic energy. Creating healthy habits and a positive community.

Feel free to reach out over email anytime - nyla.kiran@gmail.com!

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